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Are the microorganisms in Bokashi bran safe?

The microorganisms in Bokashi bran are natural and completely safe to use.

Predominating microorganisms in Bokashi bran are:

  • lactic acid bacteria,
  • yeasts,
  • actinomycetes,
  • enzymatically active fungi and
  • photosynthetic bacteria.

We can find microorganisms in nature, and they are not hazardous for our health or genetically modified.

This mixture of microorganisms is proven to have an influence on establishing and preserving the diversity and equilibrium of microorganisms in a specific ecosystem. They have a wide spectrum of usage (agriculture, livestock breeding, cosmetics, probiotics).

The use of microorganisms promotes the successful growth of the plants resulting in a larger and healthier crop and when used for livestock breeding it helps with digestion and overall health of the animals.