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Can I mix the 5 liters of pre-compost produced with the soil inside a 30-liter pot and leave it like this for months?

Put the soil in a pot, then fermented mass, and then again soil to cover the mass.

Are you interested in how to mix fermented mass with the soil?

  1. Put the potting soil in a pot.
  2. On the soil, put the fermented mass from Bokashi Organko that was airtight covered in the composter for at least 14 days.
  3. Again, put the potting soil on the fermented mass to cover it (completely bury the fermented mass that has no contact with the oxygen or the pot).
  4. Leave it for 1-2 months at an optimal temperature for the process (20 degrees).
  5. After this period, you will get the natural fertilizer that you can be used in your garden or for your plants.

The whole process doesn't have an unpleasant smell if the fermentation has been done correctly first.

See how you can bury fermented mass in soil:

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