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Can you combat the cat poop odor in the apartment with bokashi bran?

Bokashi bran has a beneficial role in a wide range of agricultural branches, but primarily it wasn't created to combat pet excrement odor. Nevertheless, many cases show it works wonders with preventing unpleasant odors.

Although this is not its primary intended use, adding bokashi bran to a kitty litter box has proven successful in preventing unpleasant odors in numerous cases. This is related to the metabolites released in the process of fermentation that inhibit the growth of pathogens, and during the decomposition processes, thus preventing any strong odor. Actually, the smell of fermented organic matter is a mixture of sweet and sour that isn't unpleasant at all. 

The effective microorganisms present in the bran have a wide variety of uses, especially in agriculture. They increase humus formation, improve the soil condition, and make plants more vital and resistant. Besides, they contribute to fertilizer cost reduction and the production of high-quality food. The fact that they help create an optimal environment in the soil makes them extremely useful in farming, silage and grassland management, vegetable and fruit cultivation, and even winegrowing and beekeeping.