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Does bokashi mass have to be buried?

Not necessarily. Burying it in your garden is just one way of handling the fermented organic matter.

Fermented mass can be used in a number of ways. For instance, here are some examples of what you can do with it:

A)     Burying it in the garden:
1. Drain the fermentation liquid.
2. Dig a hole about 30 cm deep. 
3. Add fermented matter and evenly distribute it across the hole. 
4. Add 2,5 cm of soil, mix and cover everything with the rest of the soil. 
5. Wait for about two weeks and use it for planting. The nutrients will have a beneficial effect on the soil, microorganisms and the crop.

B)     Adding it to a compost pile:
1. Make sure to start the compost pile with normal organic waste, then add the bokashi mass.
2. Break it with your hands and mix it with other waste until it is fully incorporated, just like you would do with regular waste. 
3. Add some extra brown materials such as straw and leaves and top it with some garden soil.
4. Continue to compost as you normally would.

C)     Create your own substrate in a flowerpot:
1. Drain the fermentation liquid. 
2. Prepare a pot with draining holes on the bottom.
3. Fill the first third of the pot with soil, 
4. Add fermented mass for the second third and mix it together.
5. Fill up the rest of the pot with soil and firmly press it down to extract the air. Cover it to prevent moisture.
6. Wait for 4 weeks or more, if it seems like it needs further fermentation.
7. Use it for your flowers or garden.