Does the green mold mean I need to throw away bokashi mass?

The fermentation process can continue if there is just a little mold and the odor isn't very present. With a lot of mold and strong odor present, it is best to mix the bokashi mass with soil and use it only after one month has passed.

This depends on the quantity and the general state of the waste. If it is covered with green/black/blue mold and smells like rot, this indicates that something has gone wrong during the process (air might have gotten in, the amount of bokashi bran was not sufficient, etc.).

In these cases, you may want to take a slightly different approach: dig a hole of about 30 cm, add some bokashi bran and soil, mix, and fill up the rest with soil. You can then use it for planting after at least one month has passed. If the amount of mold and odor is neglectable, you can continue with the fermentation process.