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How does Bokashi composting work

Bokashi composting is a fermentation process - this means bio-waste does not rot but ferment.

Organic waste placed into kitchen composters Bokashi Organko and Bokashi Organko 2 does not rot - it is fermented instead.

Composting with effective microorganisms-1

Inside the composter, there is an odorless fermentation process which can be ensured by adding bokashi bran, which contains effective microorganisms. Bokashi bran does not only assists and speeds up the fermentation process but also subsequently prevents decay, the formation of unpleasant odors and the attraction of various insects.

Follow these easy steps while filling the composter:

  1. For Bokashi composting, you will need bio-waste and bokashi bran.
  2. Pay attention that you seal Bokashi Organko tightly.

Remember to drain Bokashi liquid regularly - every 2-3 days.

Ready to improve soil structure and get healthier & stronger plants? When the bin is full:

  1. Leave for 2 weeks to ferment.
  2. After the fermentation, use bokashi mass:
    1. to bury it in the ground,
    2. as an addition to a standard compost bin,
    3. putting it in a large pot.

How does Bokashi composting work