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How long does the mass of bio-waste take to become compost?

When the bokashi mass is fermented, bury it in the soil and leave it for 2-3 months, so the mass becomes unrecognizable.

Once the Bokashi Organko is full, sprinkle Bokashi bran on the top of the mass. Before you bury it in the soil, it is necessary to wait at least 14 days to complete the fermentation process.

When the fermentation process runs its course, make sure it is tightly closed, and the optimal temperature for the fermentation process is 20 degrees Celsius.

After 14 days, you get the first-class base for compost, this means you have to put it in the ground and wait 2-3 months for it to become a natural fertilizer/compost.

Degradation of fermented bio-waste in soil