How much Bokashi liquid will I get from my composter and after what time?

After a few days, you should already be able to collect some Bokashi liquid, but it depends on different factors like temperature and the type of bio-waste used.

The Bokashi liquid usually leaks out of Bokashi composter after a few days, but it can also take more time. This depends on:

  • the bio-waste added to the bin (water and vegetables contain more liquid),
  • the type of added Bokashi bran,
  • the temperature,
  • the time of composting, etc.

The amount of Bokashi liquid that will be obtained depends on the variety of added organic waste too. For example, a lot of added fruit will give you a lot of liquid, but if you add a lot of cooked food, vegetable and bread, then there will be less liquid.

It does not make sense to talk about exact numbers, as they depend on many different factors and vary too much, but what we do know is that the liquid should appear, otherwise the fermentation process hasn’t been successful.