How often should I use Bokashi liquid for watering plants?

The test showed that the best ratio of the solution is 1:200 and in that case, the frequency of watering should not be problematic. It is important though to not overwater the plants.

A biological test with watercress showed that the plants in most cases do better in the diluted fermentation liquid than in water. In 6 out of 7 tests the germination index was higher in the diluted fermentation liquid in comparison to water (a higher germination index means better seed germination and growth of radicles).

In tests performed with different fermentation fluids, dilutions of the fermentation fluid in the ratio: 1:50, 1:100, 1:150 and 1:200 proved to be the most adequate mixtures, with the final conductivity of the "most successful" solutions being approximately the same.

The users normally do not know what kind of fermentation liquid they obtained during the fermentation process and since the plants differ one from another, we advise diluting the solution in a ratio of 1:200 or more. If the solution is sufficiently diluted, the frequency is also not a problem.