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What happens with Bokashi if I go on vacation?

Before you leave for vacation, drain the Bokashi liquid from the composter.

Going on vacation? Well, it is a great opportunity to finish the fermentation process inside your composter!

Before you leave for vacation, drain the Bokashi liquid from the composter.

Things to make sure of before going on vacation:

  1. Put enough bokashi bran on the top of the bio-waste.
  2. Check if the lid is closed tightly. The fermentation process will run smoothly without or with little oxygen.
  3. Drain the Bokashi liquid. If the liquid touches the mass below, the mass can start to rot.
  4. Forget about the Bokashi while you are away until the end of your vacation.
While you are away, the microorganisms will process your organic waste and you will be able to use it in your garden when you come back.