What should I do if mold appears on top of the waste?

The mold that appears can be white or dark. White mold is beneficial, dark mold appears if something went wrong in the process.

The mold that appears can be light (white) or dark.

White mold

White mold can appear when:

  • you fill the composter very slowly,
  • and there is a lot of air in the composter.

But don't worry, white mold is beneficial.

If white mold still bothers you, put a piece of thick paper on top of the waste after you have covered it with bokashi bran.

Dark mold

Dark mold can appear when:

  • something went wrong in the process,
  • you did not keep the composter closed,
  • you added too little bokashi bran or irregularly,
  • you neglected to drain Bokashi liquid regularly.

In this case, empty the composter in your garden, add an equal amount of Bokashi bran as there is waste, cover it with soil and leave it for 4 weeks. You can use it in your garden after that time period passes.