What to do if there are a lot of worms in the Bokashi bucket?

It is possible for some larva forms to appear in your composter, but you can prevent that from happening by closing the composter tightly thus enabling high enough acidity levels and an anaerobic environment for a larva-free fermentation process.

Unless you would accidentally add a worm to the composter together with your bio-waste, they are not likely to appear in there, however, under certain conditions, you may encounter larva forms in your Bokashi Organko. They are not detrimental to the fermentation mass but can be quite unpleasant to be dealt with.

How to prevent larva forms from appearing in the composter?

  1. Close the composter tightly.
  2. Check if the lid and tap are in place.

This way you ensure the acidity level is high enough for the anaerobic environment needed, thus any larva forms shouldn’t be able to survive inside.