Where can I store Bokashi liquid and for how long?

We suggest using the Bokashi liquid at once or store it in an airtight container in a dark cool place for up to a month. Watch out for any strong odors or mold.

It is best to use the fermentation liquid at once. Since the liquid is constantly forming in the Bokashi Organko, there is no point in storing it. If the user still wants to store it for later, we suggest filing a container or a bottle to the maximum, so that as little air as possible remains inside. Usually, we can store it like that for up to one month in a dark, cool space.

Since fermentation liquid will differentiate depending on the procedure of filling the composter and the type of bio-waste, we suggest that you check the smell and the look of the liquid. If it starts to develop a strong odor, it is not suitable for usage anymore. In case of a bit of white mold appearing on the top, you can remove it and still use it. However, if the mold is of a different color, it is best to discard the liquid.

Can I use Bokashi liquid after some time - Infographics