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Where can I store Bokashi Organko

Make sure the Bokashi Organko composter is not exposed to direct sunlight and big temperature swings.

You can put Bokashi Organko almost anywhere, just make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight and/or big temperature swings.

Where can I store my Bokashi Organko Infografic

The optimum temperature for effective microorganisms to do their job is around 20°C. If it is much higher or lower, the fermentation process will not finish correctly.

Avoid storing Bokashi Organko composters in direct sunlight and low temperatures.

Bokashi Organko 1 is usually associated with gardeners, therefore, we think about having it outdoors as this way would be handier. But have in mind that once you fill it up, take it back indoors.

The smaller kitchen bin, Bokashi Organko 2, can be put on the kitchen counter, which makes it very handy for disposing of food leftovers. If you don’t have enough space on the counter, you can also store it under the sink.


Download the user manual about Bokashi Organko composters and find out more.